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5 Cool Car Gadgets That You Need For Your Next Roadtrip

by Glesford Christie 23 Feb 2020
Picture this, you are planning a roadie with a few friends or your family. You have all the essentials ready to go: snacks, drinks, music, and all the other fun stuff. But what about all the other things we wouldn't normally think of? What if you get lost or witness an incident on the road? That is what this little article is for. Here are 5 cool car gadgets that you need to invest in for your next road trip.

Sun Visor Sunglasses Holder

This handy little gadget will help you keep your sunglasses in a safe and accessible place when you are out on the road. On long trips, fatigue can set in very easily on your eyes, not to mention the dangers of driving with sun glare. With the sun visor sunglasses holder, you never need to go looking for your glasses in a car full of snacks and people again. Taking your eyes off the road at high speeds is simply an accident waiting to happen. Keep them at arms reach so you don't have an issue.

Car DVRs Dash Cam Camera

This one is a no brainer. If something happens on the road you need to make sure you have all of your boxes ticked. This dashcam is a simple upgrade to your existing rearview mirror and gives you a clear high definition picture of what's outside of your car. The best feature overall of this product, however, is its built-in gravity sensor. The G-sensor will detect if there has been a crash, and will automatically record and lock footage from the front and rear of the car. This will ensure you have all the evidence you need if the unfortunate situation ever occurs for you.

70mai Jump Starter

Let's face it, if the battery on your car is ever going to die it is going to be when help is miles away, With the 70mai Jump Starter you never have to worry again. It is lightweight and small for what it does, not quite small enough for your pocket but small enough for your glove compartment or under a seat. It gets better, if you are stranded and need to contact someone, the jump starter also works as a battery pack for mobile phones! Keep you and your travel companions on the go with this essential gadget.

Car Air Freshener

A car full of people can get pretty stinky very fast Even faster if you don't have the windows down. This particular air freshener is special, you can adjust the vents to your preference on how strong you want the smell to be, and the changeable aromatherapy sticks mean that you can swap the refills around to get whatever flavor you desire!

Car GPS Tracking Device

The last thing we need on a road trip is to get lost or even worse, have your vehicle stolen. With this handy GPS tracker, you never need to worry about it again! It will track your car as well as being able to playback the history of your route. If your car suddenly disappears in the night, you will know exactly where it is and allows you to get your car back in your hands as quickly as possible!


So there you have it, the 5 essential car gadgets you need to invest in on your next road trip. Every single product on this list will make sure you and your companions will have a stress free traveling experience! Just don't forget to take plenty of rest stops!
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