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5 Car Tech Gadgets That are Fun to Have!

by Glesford Christie 01 Dec 2017


This device combines convenience and utility so that you can charge or monitor several devices while using only one wire. That is the beauty
of this charger. Its base is flexible so that you lay it on the center console of your car, plug it into an electrical outlet, and it’s ready to go. Indeed, you can quickly charge a smartphone through by laying it on the charger surface. Because you have two 120-degree angled slots on the surface, you can drop a mapping program or other device and have it readily available here


Here is a device that allows you to charge a smartphone or other device at a distance from the electrical outlet. Its beauty is in its simplicity.
About 30 inches long with a curled section of wire that effectively makes it longer,you plug it into an electrical outlet, and that’s all there is to it. By connecting a device into the charging cable, you can much more conveniently charge a device. You no longer have to worry about a cable that is too short to reach from your electrical system to the phone or tablet. click here


In today’s hectic world, it is far too easy to take work home with you. As you continuously think about the various issues before you know it, another night is gone, and you have to drag an exhausted body to work. You are a candidate for sleep deprivation, though,you never realize it. As a driver, this is a genuine safety issue. Because you can easily nod off – without realizing it – you can become a safety issue for your passengers and others on the road around it. The anti-sleep alarm, which slips over your right ear, delivers a warning that tells you to wake up. The device works by watching your head position.As slowly tips forward, your head betrays your tiredness and enables the anti-sleep alarm.  Check it out here


One thing that many drivers need is organization. In most cars, you will find cupholders with various old drinks sitting, growing who knows what in the crusty bottom. And then there are the smartphones, tablets, and other items that seem to flop all over the place, especially when you hit the brakes. The seat back organizer brings order to this chaos by providing extra pockets for your smartphones and tablets. You can also fit notebooks into them as well. Then, there are four extra cupholders – if you purchase two of them – are a bonus as they let you store added cups which you can keep clean. The Amazing Seat Back Organizer slips quickly over the back of the front seats, and then you are ready to go here .


Here is a very convenient item that allows you to connect multiple electronic devices such as a smartphone or PDA. At the same time,you can use a cigarette-style adapter that contains two USB ports, making this quite convenient. The adapter comprises fireproofing material between the
dual-micro connector that includes the USB connectors. You can mix-and-match devices so that you can use your phone, while you charge an Apple phone or iPad and an Android device. Finally, you can connect a Samsung device, as well. Click here to check it out

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