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Top 10 Car Gadgets at Tiger Car Systems

by Glesford Christie 27 Jan 2020
The Top 10 Car Gadgets at Tiger Car Systems are here.  

Looking for the cool additions to your car that are hot year round?  Not only can you add some flair to your car this year, these car gadgets are actually useful too! Here’s our top ten picks that will give you style and still be downright original.

Anti Collision Rear-End Car Laser Tail Light

At just under $20 bucks, now make your car more visible at night with this nifty laser tail light add-on. This is our favorite pick for the top ten car gadgets to offer. Universal to say the least, it works best for foggy conditions too. It signals to vehicles behind you, that you are there, with a straight-line of icons through laser projection. Three different patterns to choose from and can also be used for bicycles and motorcycles.

USB Car Charger for Apple iPhone

A downright steal for just below $14 dollars, is this USB adapter for the cigarette lighter plug in your car. Makes sure you never have to recharge your iPhone when you are on-the-go. Use it with any standard USB cable to safely charge your mobile device at the correct voltage. This works well with many other devices that use a USB cable attachment.

Universal Solar LED Light Cup Holder

At only a mere $20 dollars, this light up cup holder helps you find your drink quickly and safely. This cup mat lights up in three vibrant LED colors whenever it senses any vibrations. It comes with an additional solar panel disc that effectively charges the holder for up to 6 hours. It’s designed to hold two standard-sized drinks neatly inside the cup holder. Vivid Red, Blue and Green colors illuminate the surface of the holder to find your cups easier.

12V Heated Car Seat Cushion

Conveniently priced just below $30 bucks, is this practical heated seat cushion. It comes with heating control that plugs into any car cigarette lighter. Powers up to two seat cushions at a time! The seat cushions come with straps to fit any size car seat. Adjustable power allows for both high and low temperature settings. Durable fabric material that is soft and comfortable.

Car Door Lamp with Wireless LED Projector

At only $20 dollars, this gadget attaches to the side of your car door glove box with magnets. Bright LED lights project an image onto the ground, adding flair to your open door. Comes complete with two LED projectors that automatically light up when door is opened. Powered by thee AAA batteries and can allow your own custom logo to be projected. It comes with a standard Batman logo included.

BreezeDent Repair Tool

A real bargain at $30 dollars, and made for simple do-it-yourself dent repair that’s safe and effective for your car. This product comes complete with 4 different traction strip heads for all kinds of shaped car dents. Great for fixing dings and dents on the refrigerator, dryer, or washing machine too. The patented design prevents further denting from happen when using it.

Auto Hanger Clip Hooks for Purse

At only $15 dollars, this cool gadget is designed to attach to the headrest rods on your car seat. Easily holds more than just a purse, they can hold coats, bags, or whatever you can think of. It’s made of durable stiff ABS plastic & silicone rubber that won’t damage your car seat.

Onever Car Air Purifier

Modestly priced at just below $50 bucks, is this amazing air purifier is for your car interior. This 3-in-1 filtration system offers three layers of filters to insure the cleanest air quality. LED lights built in provide a cool atmosphere while it filters the air. This filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne dust and contaminants.

Dash Cam with Night Vision

A bargain at only $90 dollars- is this multifunctional Dash Cam that quickly attached to any car windshield. If you are looking for quality from amazing car gadgets, here is one that’s highly recommended! This 70MAI device is voice activated in 4 languages and records the road ahead of you for safety and insurance. The wireless app allows you to watch on your interior monitor in real time and review past events. It comes with the SONY IMX307 STARVIS Night Vision for full HD clarity.

2 Pack Auto Sun Shade Protector

Economically priced below $30 bucks- this pair of window sun shade covers any 4-door sedan window. Great for providing shade in any condition with up to 100% shade cover in harsh sunlight. It’s perfect for travelling or road trips, when you need some immediate shade inside the car. Strong stretchy material fits over any window in seconds.
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