12V Heated Car Seat Cushion|Car Seat Covers|

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Experience super comfortable car rides with our 12V Heated Car Seat Cushion.
Travelling is awesome. But you may start to feel uncomfortably tired because the car seat is not well designed.

Worse yet, you may even want to adjust your sitting pattern to no avail. Well, you have no choice, you just have to endure the uncomfortable ride and wait till your journey ends.

Discomforting car rides affects different people around the world.   The good news you are no longer going to pass through the hassle of discomfort during another car ride. This awesome of-of its kind car seat cushion cover is just what you need to experience maximum comfort while driving.

This car seat cushion cover is made of high grade chemical fiber fabric that is comfortable, soft and breathable.  This 12 volts heated car seat cushion makes a perfect gift.

Its universal fit makes it a must have for every car owner. This cushion seat cover also protects you against dirt, sweat, indentation and scratches.

For just a token of $195 you will be able to make an investment of comfort for a lifetime.


• Ruggedly built to last
• Unique multi functional design
• Comfortable and soft


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especially with companies lying to their customers so we
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John Brown

excellent buy, excellent Product!!

Demarcus Sipes

Very good capes warm. Exactly as in the picture.

Gene Friesen

Salom mahsulot yahshi

Paris Schroeder

12V Heated Car Seat Cushion|Car Seat Covers|

Sydni Doyle

very good

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