20000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank

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  • Powerful and Compatible:

    It contains a high-power battery that provides fast charging and low self-discharge. Its cycle can reach 1000 times.

    It operates at 12V and supports different vehicle jump starters. It can also be used to charge different electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, smartphones, notebooks, and many more.


    While charging the indicators light up one after another.  The brightness of lights specifies the capacity of the bank. It also offers multiple protection designs.


  • Support 12V vehicle jump start and charge for various cell phones, PSP, MP3/MP4, tablets, Smartphones, PDA, laptops, Notebooks.
  • When charging, indicator lights will flash one by one. The number of slid indicator lights indicates the battery capacity of the bank; Multiple safety protection designs ensure jump starter zero defects.

Multi- Function:

It can also provide services like a led flashlight, a durable charger, an emergency light, and many more.

It can save your time as you don’t require anybody's help.

You can have a smooth journey as in the case of difficulty you can operate it on your own.


Customer Reviews

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Gene Plummer
Great Product for Any Car Owner

This is a lifesaver! I was stuck in some snow and my battery was low, so I just pulled out my Power Bank and it started with ease. Nice accessory to have around.

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