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This 2 Piece Billiard Pool Keychain Snooker Table Ball Keychain have been around longer than some of us. They're not a new thing by any stretch. However, constant evolution means the needs met by these items have also evolved with time, prompting more practical and unique designs from manufactures.

This snooker inspired keychain is weird in a good way. For one, the key loop end of it looks like the chain rings bollted into the floor of an old world dungeon. The other end - the snooker ball comes will resonate with all your friends you hang out with around the pool table.

This keychain is perfect as a gift or fashion statement or any other thing really. Its shiny black 8-ball pendant is linked to a strong but light chain and a key loop at the other end.

Like every other key chain, it can carry many of the items you always want to have on you: your keys, pen flashlight, dog whistle, flash drive, Staff ID and so on.

Beautiful, radiant, fashion forward, all words ideal for describing this item. And we offer this keychain in pairs. You can keep one as a spare or perhaps use the pair as the perfect  valentine memorabilia for you and your lover!

  • Beautiful realistic 8-ball design
  • Comes in black color with a pendant diameter of 2.5 cm
  • Weighs 42g
  • Entire length of keychain is an portable 9 cm
  • Keychain is made from ABS and metal

It will set you back a small price of $13.97! Get yours today and gift to your loved ones!

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great seller and great stuff

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As always, all good

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