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Get a Car Headrest Neck Pillow.  Imagine You are on a road trip with your family. You take your eyes off the road for a moment to steal a look at your kids snuggled in the back seat, sleeping. You lose focus and nearly drive into a massive pot hole which you swerve wildly to avoid.

 This scenario can end any number of ways, none of them good. These include everything from a simple neck sprain to a severe cervical spinal issue.

 No one should have to suffer just because they chose to get behind the wheel. This is why we are offering our car seat head rest neck pillow. It comes with plush nylon pillows designed to cradle your neck from both sides while driving or sleeping in one of the passenger seats.

 Complete with a sturdy support rod, all you have to do is install it beneath the head rest of your seat and enjoy the safety and comfort of driving without worrying about snapping your own neck.

 This pillows can also be adjusted for height and width of the seat, which means it can work for you and your kids, no matter their seating height or sleeping position in the car.


  • Made from high quality breathable, eco-friendly fabric
  • Comes with a zipper design, making it easy to remove and wash
  • Adjustable height and distance between pillows to provide optimum comfort and safety for your sleeping or driving position.
  • Perfect fit for everyone, from those with chronic back and neck related issues to those who just want a piece of affordable luxury.

 Stop driving unprotected for long distances, leaving your body at the mercy of the topography. Save your neck from the dangers of the road! Get this life saver at the low cost of $79.97 today!

 Our product is premium quality, however, if for some reason you get something below your expectation, don'y fret! We offer refunds and replacements and we'll help you make it right!

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Car Headrest Neck Pillow | Car Accessories |

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