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Going to the nearest car wash when your vehicle needs to be cleaned in a big hassle for anyone who is short on time. Unfortunately, because you can’t just leave your house and go to the highway in your car looking dusty and dirty, there’s often no way out. Until now!

This high-pressure car washer nozzle is the answer to your prayers because instead of depending on a professional car wash or going through the trouble of washing your car with a tub and towel, you can now do it with this efficient gun.

You don’t have to depend on your lawn hose as well or pray that the pressure is enough to wash the car because everything will be handled by the power washer. You can adjust the tube to your convenience and comfort and begin washing your car without hassle.

The high pressure that is created with the nozzle will help you get rid of any dirt or debris sticking to your car and make it look like new within no time at all. If you want, you can use some soap and cloth to do the job more efficiently.

Moreover, you can use the high-pressure washer water nozzle for things other than cleaning your car such as a water sprayer for your garden, etc.


Color: Blue handle
Size: 46.5cm/18.31
Material of Tube: Aluminum Alloy
Material of Ball Valve: Brass

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    High Pressure Washer Water Nozzle

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