Head, Neck & shoulders pain relief

comfortable for your neck and shoulders during long-term or long-distance driving
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What's Good

about Car Neck Headrest Pillow ?

Bringing for you the freshest
Three points support: head, neck and shoulder
Comfortable memory cotton design, use anytime freely without worry the press
Height position and tightness are adjustable
Zipper design
washable when the pilllow is dirty, you could take it off.
Relive Neck Pain
The car headrest supports your head, neck and shoulder, relax your muscles, prevent the pain and stiffness in your neck &  make your driving comfortable. It can support your cervical spine in different directions.
Comfortable Memory Foam
100% pure memory foam car seat neck pillows provide good for your cervical spine and head Support, help you maintain the correct driving posture, make your driving safer and reduce fatigue
Elastic Adjustable Shoulder Strap
High-quality buckle height is firmly fixed on your seat, a neck pillow that prevents the car from slipping or falling from the seat, provides fixed support and better supports your neck, you can adjust The height of the car pillow you want
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Experience Ultimate Comfort and Safety on the Road with Our Car Headrest Pillow

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