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These Car Side Window Shades are simply the best. Our 2 Piece/Set Aluminum Alloy Elastic Car Side Window is protection from harmful UV Rays.  Whether for purposes of vehicle maintenance or as a means to have a little privacy, having an opaque shield between the outside world and the inside of your vehicle can be a very good idea. Especially since not every vehicle comes with tinted windows.

This aluminum alloy elastic car side window sunshade curtains will do wonders for anyone regardless of your reason for purchase. This curtain comes with fabric that is designed to be highly reflective, keeping the inside of your vehicle from overheating as this can cause long term degrading of your leather seats and a lot more.

For those of you who do not like people peering into your vehicle, this elastic sunshade will obscure the view of anyone looking in from the outside. This 2 Piece/Set Aluminum Alloy Elastic Car Side Window was designed for not only protection but privacy too.

Made with strong elastic material, the curtains are lined on both ends with two sturdy tracks made of aluminum alloy. Installation does not require any professional experience. Just attach the tracks to the bottom and top parts of your car window on the inside. Just make sure the window seal areas are dry and free from any dirt.

Everyone's taste and needs are different, so we offer this sunshade curtain in four colors: black, gray, beige, and black mesh. We also have different sizes for different car window sizes.

  • Curtains are made from premium quality polyester, perfect for blocking out UV rays
  • Protects the leather accessories inside the car by maintaining a reasonable temperature
  • Strong and flexible aluminum alloys for holding and stretching the curtains
  • Easy installation. Doesn't require a professional
  • The curtain comes with an elastic band on one side for the narrow end of the car window.

Package includes:

  • 2 Polyester Car Window Curtains
  • 4 Tracks (2 top, 2 bottoms)
  • 2 Tiebacks
  • 2 Plastic plates for tieback

While we can not guarantee the performance of all our products, we do issue refunds or replacements should there be any problem with the item shipped to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sally Schneider

Excellent curtain as described. Top slide rails, aluminum, bend easily, under any circuit door. Very like, will order more. Quality on top!!!

Gail Kuhlman

2 Piece/Set Aluminum Alloy Elastic Car Side Window

Donna White

It was perfect. My father also liked well you'll see nails for him now

Kobe Reichel

2 Piece/Set Aluminum Alloy Elastic Car Side Window

Rodolfo Deckow

Arrived in 25 days approximately to Chile. Foremost in perfect state many thanks Very good furniture product and recommended

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