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5Pcs Car Windshield Sun Shades is the perfect addition to your car gadgets this year.  This is so convenient to use and takedown with two suckers.  It can reflect 90% direct sunlight and resist 100% ultraviolet rays.  It reduces the inside temperature of the car for saving gasoline so you will use less air conditioning.

It helps prevent the car interior, and instrument desk, from aging by sun exposure.   It can be used to help resist sunlight and even snow, frost, or fallen leaves in those seasons.  It is suitable for the front window and rear window of all cars.   It can be a great gift to yourself and your friends

Customer Reviews

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I am Trillled!

This was my 4thh attempt in my search for decent shade protection as a passenger. Now that my 84-year-old mom is the passenger, I REALLY needed something to work. FINALLY - These shades are PERFECT.

Super easy to apply - and your window doesn't have to be spotless for them to stay in place. (Puppy nose marks and fingerprints are no problem) Easy to reposition to match the sun's rays. Absolutely no decrease in visibility for me as a driver during the day. I did remove them for evening driving since we didn't need them.

Having 2 different sizes was not only nice, but useful. I thought sure that I would only use the 2 large shades - I was wrong. I'm using one of each size for every trip and mom and I are both thrilled.

Barry M.
Good Deal !

If has protected me and my family from the hot sun and I do enjoy using it. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

Mary R.
Well Worth the Price

For the protection, they give it is certainly worth the price. These really give you protection from the sun's glare. I like it so much that I purchased a set as a gift for my sister.

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