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This Leather Belt Buckle Key Chain Ring keychain has an understated yet telling design. It comes with a tactical design fleshed out with superior leather wrapping.

This strong metal build key chain is perfect for carrying keys of all sizes. And it comes with a belt buckle feature so that you can easily clip it on to your pants with a single snap. No more fumbling to get your keys off and onto your buckle.

Our belt buckle key chain will hold onto your keys for years while looking as good as new. It's design material is anti-rust and anti-scratch.

And here's the best part: It can carry an extra key ring. So if you have too many keys for the key holder to carry,  you don't need a new holder, just add on an extra key ring and you'regood to go.

  • Beautiful tactical design with easy slip-on, slip-off belt buckle clip design
  • Made from strong stainless steel
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Anti-scratch and anti-rusy design
  • Comes in gold, silver, bronze, and pearl nickel

Get the power of two key chains with this beautiful design for a paltry $11.97!

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