Super Strong Magnet

Magnetic Car Phone Holders

Navigation is extremely easy with this magnetic car mount. It can easily rotate, fix, or tilt to any angle that best assists the viewer of the phone.

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What's Good

about Magnetic Car Phone Holders ?

Bringing for you the freshest
360° Free Rotation
With a solid metal ball joint, you can rotate your smartphone or swivel your display to your preferred position as you like. A small cell phone car kits for your beloved car.
4 Super strong and oversized magnet
Updated to Neodymium magnet, strong suction, firmly fix your phone.
Stable And Compact
Mini-size, not taking up space,Simple compact design ensures your views without any blocking during driving, more Fashion and Suitable.
Super Stick Force
Premium 3M VHB adhesive pad provides strong stick force. Sturdy in various situations such as sudden braking, going over a speed bump, and driving on a rugged mountain road.
Solid Alloy Body
Crafted with aluminum alloy and soft silicone, the magnetic car holder has an antioxidant surface to maintain its glowing surface and soft yet durable touch.
Will Not Block The Air Vents
The windshield of the car. Its 5 times easier to use than any other mounts just stick it on your car and you are good to go.

Installations process

Step 1
Use the wet wipes in the accessories to clean the back of the phone or case,
then dry with dry wipes.
Step 2
Stick the Protective film to the back of phone or the phone case.
Tip: installation in the middle is best.
Step 3
Press firmly for 15 second to fix the protective film.
Step 4
Tear off the front and back protective film of the iron sheet and install it on the back of the phone.
Step 5
Find a flat, smooth place and clean it.
Step 6
Then tear off the backing paper on the surface of 3M tape.
Step 7
Press down on the mount with force for about 15 seconds to strengthen the attachment.
Step 8
After 24 hours , the support has been firmly fixed, put the phone on it and start to use.
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Magnetic Car Phone Holders

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Suitable for Navigation View and safe driving view 

Mini-size, not taking up space, it is placed in the dashboard without blocking the view at all, and does not need to look down at the device to ensure your safe driving.

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