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Mini Perpetual Calendar Keychain Ring is a unique keychain that is challenging to find. Most of the ones you see in online and physical stores are standard ones that don’t catch the eye and just fill the purpose of carrying your keys. These dull and boring key rings should not be your choice when you’re looking for things to buy for yourself or a loved one. With the mini perpetual calendar keychain, all your worries will fade away.

This keyring has a mini-calendar attached to it that will provide you with the dates for 50 years. It has years from 2010 to 2060 and will be your perfect companion whenever you head out of the house and don’t have a physical calendar in hand to check the dates. In fact, this 50-year calendar keychain can also serve as the perfect gift for your friend, spouse, or family member.

Instead of purchasing something expensive or settling for a cheap-looking keychain that is not appreciated, decide to opt for this keyring which is not only impressive to look at but affordable as well.

Made with zinc alloy, this is a sturdy piece of ornament to have and will take your keychain collection up a notch. So, don’t settle for ant keychain because you think that it’s enough to carry your keys but instead invest in one that is truly useful.

  • Easy and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Specially designed as an ideal gift
  • Calendar from 2010 to 2060


  • Weight: 6gms
  • Length: 7.3cm
  • Width: 3.2cm
  • Diameter: 3.2cm
  • Brand: VODOOL

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