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 We understand not everyone can afford cars that ooze luxury, what with their memory seats, automatic suspension adjustment, wireless charging, surround neon internal lighting and lots more. With our car neon interior lights, we want to give you a taste of that luxury while you ride in your car.

 This remote controlled game changer is pretty easy to install. Just peel off the adhesive protection and line the neon strips under the dashboard, globe box, back seats and any other area you'd like it to work it's magic. Then simply plug it into your car's charging port and enjoy a colorful life!

 It's remote control also has many color options to match your many moods at the press of a button. You can now create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic getaway with your partner!

 Or maybe you want it to look like a party or match the color themes inside the star trek enterprise. No worries! There's enough flexibility to match your creativity.

 Shines brighter but is not harmful to the eyes

  • Nondestructive and easy installation that can be handled by one person
  • Simple and efficient remote control operation
  • Comes with color options
  • Sound activated function designed to light to the rhythm of whatever is playing on your car stereo
  • Ideal for sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, trucks etc.
  • Made from flexible and waterproof materials

 This piece of luxury will only set you back a meagre $39.97 today!

 Unless of course, you'd rather go purchase a Mercedes Maybach!

 If you don't like the package that is shipped to you please do let us know immediately. We're happy to process a refund or replacement!

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