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Sky Blue

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This Wireless Pets Key Finder Reminder is  a nice addition to any pet owner.  Does your pet have the habit of wandering off alone in the street? Have you spent hours searching for your cat or dog and were worried sick about where they were? All your trials end today with this pets smart Bluetooth 4.0 anti-lost alarm tracker.

This ingenious device is for anyone who has worried about the whereabouts of their dog or cat at any time. With its internal tracking system, you can quickly pinpoint the area where your pet is and go get them without wasting time looking somewhere else. The pet GPS tracker is built with a GPS tracker inside it, and this makes it easier for you to know where your pet is, even when you’ve let them roam around on their own for a while.

All you have to do is to attach this tracker to your pet’s collar, and voila, you’ll be able to track them where ever you go.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a pet but are occasionally misplacing crucial things such as your wallet, car keys, or any other belongings, this device can be useful there as well. Just attach it to your items, and you’ll never again run around the house looking for your possessions.


  • Colors: Green, red, white, black, sky blue
  • Features: Remote control and Bluetooth
  • Control Channels: 2 channels
  • Distance: 75 feet
  • Weight: 9gms

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