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Spanner Key Chain Rings makes a great gift to your mechanic.  If you own a car, you know that going long distances without essential repair tools is not a smart thing to do.

Has your car ever stalled on you, forcing you to have to call triple AAA or wait for a passerby to give you a ride because you didn't have the tools to fix the issue? It's a very frustrating and embarrassing situation to be in.

This spanner and wrench key chains are a commemoration to every auto repairman and DIY car owners and a reminder to everybody else that these seemingly non-essential items can just save your life.

We are offering two pendant designs: the spanner and the wrench pendants. They are built with durable stainless steel but still maintain a lightweight. These keychains are strong enough to carry all your keys and then some and small enough to slip comfortably into your pocket.

  • Comes with wrench and spanner pendant design choices
  • Made from solid stainless steel
  • Is lightweight and portable
  • Can hold many keys and other essentials

This is the perfect item to gift an auto-nerd or anyone else really. It'll probably help them appreciate their mechanic a little more. You too!

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