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Use this Retractable Keychain.  You no longer have to carry around a small purse to store your essentials like your car, office, and house keys, sports whistle, or your ID cards etc. We can imagine losing that purse in the course of your day can be nightmare.

Our multipurpose stainless steel retractable keychain can carry all that and more! It also comes with a simple clip that you can slide onto your belt and slide off just as easily without any hassle.

Our keychain comes with a retractable reel that is made of a generous length of steel string. You won't need to unclip the keychain before using any of your keys or IDs.

Features and specifications

  • Small 4cm diameter keychain that packs a heavy punch
  • Weighs a negligible 31g.
  • Generous length retractable steel string
  • Simple clip design for simple slide on, slide off movement
  • It can hold manyntimes its weight

Take convenience to another level with our innovative keychain. You no longer have to worry where your items are! Think of this device as your personal purse holder that frees your hands to handle other activities of your day!

Get the stainless steel retractable keychain for an affordable $14.97 today and experience true freedom!

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