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These tiny anti-slip dashboard mats look unassuming at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, it is obvious that they're more effective than a lot of car phone mounts out there.

Our anti-slip sticky suction mat is made from an effective material that doesn't leave any residue behind like other inferior anti-slip mats. It makes no sense to have to spend your time trying to scrape off too after using an inferior variant.

Our mat is easy to use on any dashboard no.matter how slopey your dashboard is. You just slap it on and press your phone lightly into it. It will keep your phone or other items from moving around while you drive. It also absorbs the car's vibrations to eliminate any damage to your phone or other personal items.

Our anti-slip mat is also resistant to heat and can retain its sticky value for a really long time. It is washable and can be reused right after. Just rinse off with water and slap it back onto the dashboard.

This soft, super-elastic and super flexible anti-slip mat can hold almost anything: keys, phones, glasses, headsets, speakers, pens, coins, purse, flashlight, laser/radar detector, watches, etc. You can use this on the dash of your car, truck, boat, RV counter tips, treadmill, etc.

  • Crosshatch design on the anti-slip mat surface
  • Can hold any of your personal items
  • Washable, reusable, and leaves no residue on your dash
  • Can work on most dashboards and hard surfaces
  • Soaks up vibrations from the road, protecting your phone from damage
  • Can be cut into smaller pieces and used to hold different items
  • 68mm * 123mm dimensions

Just a tip. This mat is so sticky that when you try to pick up your phone, it could come off the dash with it. A better way is to place just the edge of your phone on the mat. We guarantee it is strong enough to hold it in place!

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Dilara Naubert

Well, very small

Berat Beer

But of course the rules. But why be expected that a little more. Communication with the seller was and was tracking.

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