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Keychains are a critical component of car owner across the country. They come in different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes.

The questions here are, do you love cars? Do you get excited by the power under the hood of a car? Then the TURBOCHARGER KEYCHAIN is just for you!

This 1.5 x 3 inch keychain built with metal alloy is designed to resemble an engine turbocharger, but it's also more than that. As you see there are two small rings attached to either side of this product. If your purchase comes with a set of keys, these little circles will hold them together so they don't get separated.

The outer ring has red LED lights around its border that can be turned on or off using the button at the lower right-hand corner. The center features a miniature turbine rimmed in chrome silver, which spins whenever you push the button.

By purchasing our TURBOCHARGER KEYCHAIN, you're not only getting an engine-inspired keychain that has its own battery to power it - but one that will last for years if treated well. It's even built with zinc alloy metal so it will never rust!

Whether at work or play, this TURBOCHARGER KEYCHAIN is sure to get you noticed. So what are you waiting for? Order now and get one of these incredible keychains today!

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Material: Zinc alloy metal, plastic, LED lights, micro turbine

Size : 1.5 x 3 inches

Weight: less than 0.2 lbs

Powered by: 2 x CR2016 batteries (included)

Notes: Ships with one set of keys and no box for practical reasons

Buy this turbocharged keychain, so every time they lock their car or misplace their keys, they'll be reminded of what makes driving worth it: the power that comes from your engine when you step on the gas. This little keychain is made to look like an engine's blow-off valve, and it really works. The more you pump up the bulb, the more compressed air will be released through the tiny hole in the middle, making it whistle like a real turbocharger (but without actually providing any boost).

More than just a car accessory, this keychain can actually improve your driving experience. When you cut the engine in the morning and coast into the driveway (or sit behind someone who does), listen to that whistle - it's like music to anyone who loves to drive. It's also perfect for when you're heading home after hours of sitting in traffic. Think about how much turbo power your car would have if only there were no restrictions... maybe one day you'll get it, but until then, enjoy this little taste.

Do you know someone who likes cars? Someone - maybe even you - who needs the motivation to get on the road so they can go for a ride? Now there's something that might just help them remember why they do it; this TURBOCHARGER KEYCHAIN.

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