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August 13, 2018

If you have not gotten over the popular movie series of the Star Wars, why not carry the Han Solo's replica of the star wars spaceship whenever you go. The Star wars spaceship keychain is that replica. It is cut into accurate and detailed Star Wars starship features.

You can also pick this as a wonderful gift. You know that friend that loves his star movies and a spaceship imitation will just be a great and pleasant surprise.

This keychain is superb. Its screen is a true replica of the Star Wars spaceship features. It is big enough and easy to attach to just about anything.

The details are laser cut for a flawless finish.

It is round in shape.

Here are other 7 amazing features you will love about the Stars Wars Spaceship keychain:

1. It is a Millennium Falcon design

This collectible keychain is a real piece of the popular Star Wars movies. Its millennium falcon design sets it apart for the star wars fans.

There are a few pieces of the millennium falcon design but nothing beats a keychain that can be your company wherever you. For the love of the stars.

2. Length

The keychain is about 2 inches long. This is a great length for a keychain. It is visible enough and it is not easy to lose. Its length is also a convenience when you reach out for your key.

3. It is solid

There are no hollow spaces in this keychain. It is SOLID. This makes it heavy enough to carry and feel its presence.

4. It is durable

The keychain is made of durable steel alloy. As long as it does not drop off, this keychain will last quite some time. You will not need to worry about buying another keychain anytime soon.

5. It is 3d

Every feature of the spaceship that is engrafted on the keychain is 3D. It is so real. It looks to have just popped out from the George Lucas’ move series.

6. It is magnetic

Yes, this keychain is magnetic. It is a true zin alloy. This is an amazing feature, which you will not get with any keychain.

7. Quality

Crafted by QMx, this keychain is the very definition of a quality piece of art. The zinc-steel alloy metalwork with an antique Silver Plating makes it stand out. The keychain and ring are quality too.

A star wars spaceship keychain gift for a loved one is a great pick that will be appreciated.

If you are re-stocking your stock, consider stocking the Star wars spaceship keychain and you will get free shipping for 30 or more orders you make. Its quality and features will make it fly off your shelf and make great sales.

For $16.97, you can get this piece of art. It is worth every penny. If you find it a little heavy, add it to your collectibles for a catchy display. This Star wars  spaceship keychain is the ideal piece to stay connected to your star wars obsession.

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